Welcome to the NFD Vault!

Blend some cards and you will receive the rewards you deserve for being a NFD hodler 😎


Starting from Saturday 18/09/2021, our system will take a snapshot of all accounts holding OZ (Common, Silver and Gold), GR (Silver and Gold), MD (Gold), and send a reward to those wallets as specified in the table below!


Type Daily reward Total reward (28 days)


The NFD Vault will generate common MDs of the same quality. For example, staking a Common Purple Haze OZ will produce Common Purple Haze MDs.

There will be some bonuses for those who own higher rarities' cards.
As you can see from the table above, a Silver OZ would give a greater income, being the sum of 4 common OZ cards, plus a further bonus of 34,09%. Same speech for the Gold OZ, which generates an income of two Silver OZs plus a further bonus of 40,82%

Snapshots will be taken each day and the rewards are going to be automatically airdropped to the wallets holding NFDs.

We will release new features in the future, so be advised that things might change (the APRs, the NFDs that'll be possible to stake, the duration or any other feature).